Paper submission

Dear Presenters,

We would like to inform you about the publication opportunities following the 1st Ybl Conference on the Built Environment: 


We would like to collect the summary of the lectures for an ISBN online publication. 

Previously, we asked each of our speakers for a short abstract when registering, which helped us to divide the presentations into sections, thank you for sending them. 

Now we request this text to be finalized in a format template.

The language of the abstract can be either English or Hungarian, based on the language of the author's presentation. 

We attach a Microsoft Word document named Ybl_Abstract (it contains formatting in both languages, but only one of them needs to be completed), which we ask you to fill by midnight on Monday, June 5

Please return the completed documents to the address. 


For our presenters – hopefully everyone – who would like to publish their lectures as scientific or artistic papers, we offer three options: in Magyar Építőművészet and Magyar Építőipar in Hungarian, and in English in Ybl Journal on the Built Environment. 

The formatting requirements for all three journals are attached.  

Each presenter can decide which one they want to submit their article to, please use the correct formatting. Please indicate in the e-mail in which journal you would like to publish.

Please send the documents completed in the appropriate format to by 15 July

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.